Almere Oosterwold – Do It Yourself Urbanism

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Organize without organizing

Almere is planning another expansion of the city with 15000 residential units for 26000 residents. DIY (Do It Yourself) urbansim is new for Almere. This Bottom-up development approach needs some explanation to get a self-sufficient community.

Stedebouw in Almere Oosterwold

is the new initiative to locate this expansion.

Our clients, the center for urban Architecture and Landscape in Almere (Casla) and the development center urban agriculture (OSA), see Oosterwold as a chance to radically shift from traditional planning principles to new methods of urban development. Groups of people, entrepreneurs, farmers and other stakeholders should be responsible for design and developing their own communities and form self-organizing communities.
Our clients asked us to develop a strategy for organizing what you don’t really organize. Then we needed to develop a showcase to show how this would work in practice.

We came up with the solution “Tools for Self-Organisation”. Our concept consists of two parts.

Online Platform
The main goal of this platform is to bring people together and make it possible for people to find others that have similar ideas. After filling on your wishes you get linked to the right people.

The toolbox is an online tool that functions as a guideline, inspiration and checklist for communities. There are ‘process-tools’ providing communities with possible organizational structure and processmanagement skills.
And there are ‘solution tools’, which gives the community multiple possibilities and a checklist for practical matters like how to organize energy supply.

By applying these two tools in our showcase we came to the following results:
– Less conflicts in the community and a shorter development process because of acces to processmanagement knowledge.
– With their acces to professional knowledge, members of the community are able to come up with better solutions to their problems and solve conflicts when they arise
– Financial benefits because of shorter process, added value because of better thougt out solutions and extra economic activities.